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Create Great Content

How to Use Your Device To Create Great Content

You don’t need expensive or BIG cameras to create great content.  We can show you how to use your device, edit your image and create fantastic videos right in the palm of your hand.

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Social Media Training

Social Media Consultation & Training

We spend a lot of time on social media and can share our tips and tricks with you.  Get the most out of your socials and use it as part of your marketing strategy effectively and efficiently.

Community Connection

Community Connection

We spend a lot of time talking to so many people through what we do.  We can help connect you with the right people, service or department quickly!

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When you work with other businesses you reach twice as many people with everything you do.  Join forces and collaborate!

Telling Your Story

Telling your story

Right now, more than ever, people want to make a connection with the business they are purchasing from, the brand they are using or the product they are eating.

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They want to know everything about it, be involved in the journey and will pay a premium if they connect deeply.

We can teach you how to do this easily by simply using your mobile device.

If you are an ag-based business, now is the time to tell the truth about your product and show what really happens on farms and the world class practices your ag business has implemented to grow the best produce in the world.

Hosting / Commentator / MC Services

Event Hosting & Commentator

The HYPEMAN is in the house! We love hosting events, festivals and commentating sporting events.  We make shit exciting!

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Your event, festival or wedding should have a great communicator that will draw the crowd’s attention and deliver more than just a voice of procedure and program.

What we do

We are storytellers through LIVE and Pre-recorded videos and beautiful images. You can now learn how to use, what we know, and tell your story effectively for minimal investment.

The Martoo Review has created a communication and promotions market by making digital storytelling easily accessible for all by simply using the device that is in your pocket. Our videos have had 773,861 minutes of views on Facebook alone and our images have reached hundreds of thousands of accounts. The reason we have become so popular is that everything we do is natural, not forced or staged, and is honest.


“I have had the pleasure to work with Damo over several years. He has been an MC at many functions including festivals, fundraisers, corporate functions and industry evenings and is the consummate professional and MC of choice throughout the community. Why is this you say? Combine his professional event approach, well timed delivery and a sharp sense of humour, that will have your audience chuckling away. In my capacity as musician and a member of the local business community, Damo brings an enthusiasm to his role, and has the capacity to react quickly when plans change with seamless ease. Book him for your next event and be comfortable in the knowledge, that he will bring all the “hype” you need to your event.” 

 – Rob and Clare Fitz-Herbert

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Look at the businesses that surround you and discover how you can support each other to build strong relationships and help each others growth


Did you know that the average person has 60 000 – 80 000 thoughts per day?

Andino Magician

Damo surprises Andino with some of his own magic skills.

Let’s work together

Start thinking of new ways to promote your business, community group or event.  Our team has a heap of highly creative ideas of how to make you stand out!

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