One Man’s Passion is another’s Teenage Dream.

V8 muscle cars and vintage roadsters are vehicles that most of us only dream about getting up close and personal with.  I have been extremely lucky over the years, being behind the scenes speedway and commentating the sport. Having  friends who have restored some of the region’s best looking cars and test driving cars for various motor dealers has been really exciting.

In the ‘90s my dream came true when I was given the opportunity to drive a car that very few people in this world ever have, nor ever will.  Getting behind the wheel of a 1969 Mustang and driving it up the highway is something that words cannot describe. It was just spectacular.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to the owner of that special car, Gary Sellick, who also showed me his other pride and joy, a 1936 Ford Roadster.  Gary, a panel beater by trade, creates drivable works of art and his passion for his craft can easily be seen by the quality of the workmanship on display.

These masterpieces are not hidden away however.  Gary rebuilds his collection of cars so they can be enjoyed and driven.  “Every stone chip is a trophy,” he says.  His cars are driven as much as he can, so he and the wider community, can enjoy his labour of love.

On this occasion I was given the chance to relive that day back in the ‘90s. Gary offered me the opportunity take the beautiful lady in red for another run up the highway and let me tell you she did not disappoint. There is something magical about the vibration of a naturally aspirated V8, the smell of old leather and the feel of a wooden steering wheel wrapped in your hands.

Gary has another project tucked away in his shed that should be finished very soon.  Once it is complete I am sure you will find us banging down the door to see his genius craftsmanship once more.

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