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The basic overview of this course is to create a media model that will entertain and inform the public through LIVE video interviews and good quality images in album form plus short attention grabbing videos to tie it all together.  By utilising the features of this model, you can create a generous income by promoting business, covering events, or complementing an already established traditional media platform

Check out all that we have done over the years so you can get a better understanding of what your media platform can do. This is a collection of clips from interviews, promotions and festivals. Some were pre recorded and some recorded LIVE.
Three people chatting with interviewer holding a blogging kit.

Let’s get started.

The lessons below have been created from everything I do, and have done in my business over the past five years. Go through, read the content, watch the videos and complete the questions in each section.

Where to Start Sound Stabilisers & Tripods Building a Name / Profile Getting Paid Covering Events Create Local Partnerships

A final word from me. Don’t wait to get out there and start creating a positive change in your community.  The reward you get from doing this will be astronomical. Start to lead your community in collaboration. Just be yourself, be honest and do everything with the intention to help and grow your community. If you need help for more ideas on promotions, event coverage or just a kewl campaign jump on and subscribe to our members section on our website  and follow our socials.  

Connect with you local business groups and community events.  Tell them what you want to achieve but don’t do the hard pitch straight up.  Become part of these community organisations and you will be rewarded. 

Get out there and have FUN!!!!!

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