* Queensland Governments 2019 Burnett Inland Digital Champion, Damo Martoo, launches what is thought to be the region’s first Digital Magazine.

* The Platform will allow easy instant access to the region’s businesses.

* The Martoo Review will continue to build on their successful business platform from the past 2 years

For the past two years The Martoo Review has been pounding the pavement, filming content and exposing the talented businesses and community groups in the Burnett Region through social media with huge success. 

After winning The Queensland State Government’s 2019 Digital Champion Award for the Burnett Inland Region, I decided it was time we added another platform to our business, and the process of creating the region’s first digital magazine began.

The Martoo Review Magazine is not a newspaper nor an online traditional news source.  Our format is focused on telling the stories of business and community groups in such a way that consumers can become more engaged with their local businesses at a more intimate level. 

What benefit does this have for our region?  It is really very simple. Your customer or you the consumer are very clever and more informed than ever.  Consumers are now doing all their own product research online, then contacting the most accessible business to purchase the desired product.  Our platform allows the local consumer to build the intimate relationship with business, use their newfound product knowledge and contact local business directly from our magazine. Social pages, food, health and wellbeing, schools, real estate or trades, accessibility, direct to business and community groups, has never been better.

The Martoo Review will continue to do everything we already do, with the added digital magazine plus more exciting content for the community to access in the months ahead.

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