Lawless Beef Company, Caring for Cattle.
On a modest property at the foot of the magnificent Bunya Mountains in Queensland, one cattle producer is working extremely hard to provide the best possible animal welfare practices for their paddock to plate, beef production company. 
Will and Jodi lawless, along with their young family run Lawless Beef Co. The business provides customers with what they believe to be the best quality grass fed beef directly to their door. The beef operation has invested a lot of money and passion into giving their cattle the best possible life as well as drought proofing through these tough times with an on-farm fodder system.
What is essentially a modified cold room, the unit provides a climate-controlled environment to grow a highly nutritious feed supplement for their cattle and it only takes 5 days from barley seed to sprout.  Once a day the fodder is cut a hand fed to the cattle, of Shorthorn origin, in the paddock and the youngest member of the Lawless gang loves to get in and help.  The quiet temperament, good marbling and quick growth rate is the perfect match for the business and product that Will and Jodi supply directly to the public.

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