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Did you know that the average person has 60 000 – 80 000 thoughts per day? That is enough to write a book a day! Now, some of us are naturally laid back or the optimistic kind who are able to let those thoughts go without even noticing you had them, while those who are less so, will tend to find this huge number of thoughts overwhelming. This overwhelm can sometimes trigger anxiety and as a result, negative thoughts take over. But just imagine if we all had the skills to use our mindpower effectively and positively. Learning how to be more positive, to change our perspective on certain situations and how to put our thoughts to good use IS POSSIBLE. Our brain is just another muscle that needs training and building (we routinely go to the gym to work our other muscles, don’t we? Why should our brain be ignored?)  Once this habit is formed and you are able to master your thoughts, your life will completely change. I am writing from experience as I have always suffered with anxiety ( whether I realised it or not ) but the tipping point came about 5 years ago with massive panic attacks regularly, countless physical symptoms throughout my body (skin rashes, dizzy head, muscle pain, lump in my throat, heart palpitations), leaving the house was seriously hard and I have been left with ongoing health issues as a result. Since then I have been on a ‘find out why and how and how to make sure this never happens again because it’s the worst feeling in the world’ kind of mission. With almost zero help from Doctors I have done mountains of my own research and I have realised it mostly all comes back to the power of the mind. I have learnt to recognise thoughts that are not conducive to low stress and positivity and I now have the skills to change them around and control my anxiety, I’m going to say 90% of the time. Some anxiety is good for us and it means we are pushing the limits or out of our comfort zone and that is actually a good thing sometimes. It’s just when this stress is continual and chronic that it becomes a problem for our health. After becoming aware of my anxiety and working out why is was popping up so regularly, it became easier to catch my thoughts and start to train my brain to flip things around to be more positive. Research has proven a whole host of health benefits that come from positive thinking such as

– reduced stress

– increased life span

– decreased rates of depression

– greater resistance to colds

– better cardiovascular health

It is incredible to think that our physical health can be impacted so greatly by our mental health. The mind really is so powerful.

Now, you may have heard about negative thought patterns. We used to believe that the brain was like an electronic device all set and programmed and untouchable but it is now known that the brain is a muscle that can be re trained and re programmed over time. So, for example if you grew up being told and hearing that you were never going to be wildly successful or wealthy because that’s the kind of language that your parents used, then you most likely believed that. Those negative and limiting beliefs could be what is holding you back from great success today. But the good news is that you can now take control of your thoughts and start to reprogram yourself with new ideas and affirmations which will over time replace those old beliefs. You could start by writing an affirmation and repeating it over and over to yourself each day e.g. ‘I am open to becoming successful’ or ‘I am deserving of abundance and happiness’. Or close your eyes and visualise where you want to be, what success looks like to you and feel what it will feel like to be that person. You could do this daily as you work towards your goals.  This is just a small example of the power of the mind and how you can start to make changes to your health and happiness by slowly, day by day, turning your thoughts around to be more positives ones.

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