Shops and community groups are going all out to change the appearance of the region.  You may have noticed a lot of pink getting around and even some towns (Proston) choosing to rename themselves PINKTON.

It is all to raise awareness for breast cancer and The McGrath Foundation.

This is the first year the South Burnett has become involved in the Pink Up Your Town campaign that has been running for the past three years.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women in Australia, apart from non-melanoma skin cancer. Although it is more prominently found in the breast tissue of women, men too can develop breast cancer which is the abnormal growth of the cells lining the breast lobules or ducts.

The fundraising campaign, that is associated with Pink Up Your Town, allows the McGrath Foundation to employ Breast Cancer Navigation Nurses like Sue Cox. Sue supports between one hundred to one hundred and twenty ladies through any point of their breast cancer journey from Cooyar to Widgee. Whether it is advice on the treatment process and where to find financial relief, to dressing and wound care or their mental health, Mrs Cox finds it an absolute privilege to support these women.  “I was first diagnosed with my first cancer at just seventeen,” Mrs Cox said, and has been through two different cancer treatments, once without a navigation nurse during her first diagnosis and a second later in life with the support of a breast cancer nurse which made the journey easier to navigate.

“I just want to raise some awareness of the magnitude of breast cancer in the community and educate the younger generation on how to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer like reducing alcohol consumption.”

If you are shopping throughout the region look out for ways to donate, like money tins on the counter or purchasing products like the delightful bow ties Little Bit Lush has made with money going to the foundation. 

Jump onto Pinking Up The South Burnett’s Facebook page where you can also find links to donate and be sure to share all your pinktastic photos using the #pinkingupsouthburnett

Pinking Up The South Burnett Runs Until 11th November 2019

Images thanks to The Proston Connection, Crowies Paints and Little Bit Lush

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