How To Turn Your Community’s Stories Into A Profitable Business

If you don’t want the voice of your community to be lost, you need to subscribe NOW!!


Over the past few years we have seen the stories and voices of regional and remote communities stripped away by the big corporate media agencies just to shave a few dollars off the bottom line.

Take control of how the stories are told in your region by subscribing to this course and earn $$$$$ at the same time.

I’m Damo Martoo, and over the past 5 years I have been developing a unique and cost effective way for anyone, with a bit of get up and go, to get out and start recording stories in your region.

I have worked in and around the community and small business sector for over 25 years. I know a thing or two about interacting with people and want to share this knowledge with you.

This platform utilises the ever-growing number of people using social media. In 2020, 3.6 Billion people were using social media worldwide and that will rise to 4.41Billion by 2025 according to

If you are starting from nothing to build your own business or are one of those lucky areas with a printed paper or online paper, you can boost your market share by subscribing to this course and implementing the concepts I have put into practice in my own business.

I am not holding back any secrets in this course.  I am going to serve up all the information I have had to fumble to learn over the past five years on a silver platter with new lessons added each month to keep you improving what you do and create new content and ideas to reach more people and tell more great stories.

I will show you how you can start earning an income quickly or how to start increasing your current income stream and market share by investing in as little as $500 worth of equipment and subscribing to this course.

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By subscribing to this course and the future updates that come with it, you will be able to replicate a tried and proven platform to get people in your community to look to you to be the respected and most sort after media agency to tell their stories through great videos and fantastic images.

You need to get in early and be the first in your area to implement this approach before anyone else so you can be the lead storyteller.

If you don’t want the voice of your community to be lost, you need to subscribe NOW!!

Get out there and have FUN!!!!!


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