I know first hand how important women are in our lives and in our community.  When I was just a couple of months old my father passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 39.  My Nan moved into the family home and I was the only male in a house of four females for the early part of my childhood.   My mum did marry again when I was around nine years of age, but the strong female presence in my early life allowed me to understand how important these ladies were, and I know how much they should be celebrated. 

Rural women are increasingly taking a leading role in our communities and the team from the Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation (BIEDO) are continuously championing their work and leadership in our lives.  Rural women continue to lead the way in running the business of the family farm whilst working offsite in addition to this much of the time.  Three years ago the team from BIEDO, let by CEO Kristy Frahm, decided to help celebrate our rural women on International Day of Rural Women by starting ‘Women in Workshirts Walk’.  A simple concept of getting all rural women together, wearing work shirts, and walking as one gives an opportunity to network, relax but more importantly support each other.

This year “Women in Workshirts Walk’ will take place on October 7th starting at 9 am in Wooroolin, with a casual 5km walk along the rail trail to Tingoora and back, ending in morning tea at the Wooroolin CWA hall.  Participants can wear anywork shirt they like but you can order one of the official ‘Women in Workshirts’ shirts if you like.  Get your order in by Monday September 16th so they can be delivered to you on the day.  The shirts are super comfy and come in a variety of awesome colours.  The crew from BIEDO even  have me wearing one. 

For more information contact BIEDO on 0400 695 456 or [email protected]

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